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Terri Schiavo

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Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo
Dehydrated and starved to death
by order of the State of Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit Court

...a disabled woman died because her husband wouldn't feed her and didn't think anyone else should feed her either.

The case went before a judge and the judge found the husband guilty of felony neglect and sent him to jail appointed a guardian for the disabled woman ordered the police to arrest anyone who as much as tried to moisten the woman's lips with water.

Meanwhile, women's advocacy groups such as NOW demanded to know why a man who was shacking up with another woman and stood to inherit a pile of money when his wife died was permitted to be the disabled woman's guardian demanded an investigation into past allegations of abuse and neglect had nothing to say.

The mainstream media did serious investigative journalism into the disabled woman's original injuries publicized interviews with nurses who'd cared for the disabled woman in the past demonstrated their concern for the rights of the disabled by publicizing the serious concerns that the disability community had about this case did a profile on George Felos that included his claims to be able to psychically communicate with brain-damaged patients repeated whatever the husband's lawyer told them.

The doctor who was ordered to remove the feeding tube told the husband to go to hell did it.

One year ago, a woman who had committed no crime and was tried by no jury was ordered by a judge to be starved to death. And one year ago today, she died.

I Am Confused

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I questioned in the comments box over at Fr. Rob's, why did Michael Schiavo want to get married in the Church? He totally shown disdain for any Catholic perspective the whole time he killed his wife, what did it matter to him?


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I saw George Felos' press conference at 2.30 this afternoon talking about the importance of "Mrs. Schiavo's peaceful death process" and whine about Father Pavone's straight arrow comments-"he was using the pulpit as an idealogue and was very harsh..." Oh boo hoo! You starve an innocent woman to death and cry that someone disagrees with you. Do people actually believe this crap?

Next week George Felos is going to be before Judge Greer claiming our blue sky is purple and then we'll have a NYT gallop poll stating 70% of Americans agree the sky is in fact purple, and only crazy right wing Christians see the sky is blue.

No More Apologizing

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With every major moral dilemma that comes up lately, the media always blasts the "conservative, religious right". Like many of us, I am tired of it. For a very long time, I have felt the need to distance myself from the image of some of the stranger Christian fanatics that I know. Kind of like "Hi, I'm Pansy. Yes, I'm a pro-life Catholic, but I am not weird. Yes I homeschool, but I am not weird. I am open to life and have 5 kids, but I am not weird." I think I felt so strongly because I know some really strange people through either homeschooling groups, the Latin Mass or the Internet who fit the bill of the fanatical, non-charitable, judgemental fundamentalist. I wanted so badly to distance myself from that image because there is such a stigma against being too far right. But you know, I spent much of life around many far left people, and from my experience the far left people I know mostly at some point in time personally contributed to the death of another whereas people I know who are too far right are just kind of anal and annoying.

Fact is I am starting not to care anymore. I think the Terri Schiavo case has drawn a line, and if this case has not, there will be more to come in the near future that will. Truth be told, I am not defining myself as anything, I am too busy to do so. But I believe that starving this poor woman to death is murder. I believe abortion is murder. I will continue to say Mel Gibson did a great thing by making The Passion both artistically and spiritually. I see a real moral drought promoted in many of the traditional school settings that is getting worse and as long as I see that I will homeschool. I think birth control is evil. These things make me I guess someone who doesn't think for themselves, or a fanatical, far right or whatever the buzz terms are so be it. I refuse to apologize anymore and am tired of feeling the need to explain why I feel the way I do.

This world just has done gone mad and like my boy Kanye says, "only Jesus can save us."

I know her "husband" will have her cremated. But what will happen to us as a culture? Will there be a backlash?

Please Forgive My Absence

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I am having a hard time being online lately because the Internet is a hot bed for spreading the lies surrounding Terri.
Our culture is in a worse state than I thought.

"Indeed, I tremble for my

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"Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

--Thomas Jefferson

Terri's last hope: SCOTUS?

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Great news for Terri!

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Pray, pray, pray!

Father Johansen writes:

In a separate hearing on Thursday, Pinellas County Circuit Court Judge Greer heard arguments from George Felos, who asked the court to end his stay on the removal of Terri's feeding tube early, on Friday. Attorney for the Schindlers, David Gibbs, countered by asking Judge Greer to continue the stay indefinitely.

But in a surprise decision, on Friday Judge Greer issued the indefinite stay requested by Gibbs on behalf of the Schindlers.

The decision barring the removal of Terri's feeding tube indefinitely has prompted Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, to consider ending his efforts to kill Terri:

"I think we are coming very close, if we are not here already, where proceeding in the judicial system is futile," said George Felos, who represents Michael Schiavo in his quest for court permission to stop feeding his brain-damaged wife. "It would appear that pursuing any remedy through the judicial system is simply a waste of time," Felos said. "It is hard to see where there is any benefit in staying the course in this case."

How to call the Florida Supremes...

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aka "the Maleficent Seven."

Mark Shea posts a letter from a reader:

I just made a comment in your Terri Schiavo thread where I listed phone numbers to call in her ongoing defense by ordinary citizens. When I followed up with a call myself to the Dir. of Pub. Info for the Fla. supremes, they are now giving only an answering machine reply of "due to volume of calls" best way to comment is to e-mail or just leave message. I left a message anyway. But... when calling the Gov's office I was told that Gov. Bush is appealing the case to the Supreme Court. That's good. When I asked if they were receiving many calls, she said only 2 today so far!!

With the power of bloggers examining the Rathergate stuff and just today finding another flawed CBS report, can we, with your help again, unleash another "Power of the Blog" for Terri and get those calls going to Gov's office with accompanying horror reactions to Fla supremes. He needs our support for what he's still trying to do even during this trying time of emergencies in the state.

In the comments box, the reader gives the phone numbers:

Telephone Hotline for Supreme Court Staff,
the Public, & Media: (850) 921-8552

Jeb Bush, Governor
850 / 488-4441
Executive Office of the Governor
400 S. Monroe Street
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001

Craig Waters
Director of Public Info (for Fla Supreme Ct)
850 414 7641
cell 850 566 2116

From the newsletter:

The parents of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, Bob and Mary Schindler of Gulf Port, Florida, will appear on CNNís Larry King Live tonight at 9.00 pm ET. Mr. and Mrs. Schindler will discuss their reasons for continuing the legal battle to protect the life of their disabled daughter, and why they think her rights have not been protected by the courts. [emphasis added]

Kangaroo Courts are Killer Courts


the judges will.

You've probably heard that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the governor is not constitutionally permitted to intervene when a patient without written advanced directives is scheduled to be starved to death.

Governor Bush is going to appeal, and Michael has graciously agreed to wait to commence the starvation while the governor submits his appeal. What a guy!

Father Johansen has posted Terri's parents' statement. He also brings us a link to a new blog by Cheryl Ford, the registered nurse working with Terri's parents who broke the news of the "exit protocol" written to make Terri look comfortable as she starves to death.

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