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We are Catholic and we are American. You will be in our prayers and we promise to pray for you as you serve us. Our nation is struggling financially, yet we still have hope that things will get better. Yet, we believe that the nation's recovery should not come at the cost of the principles that have made our nation strong. While the economy is extremely important, we can not abandon the ideas that define us as a nation and expect to be a great society.

With that being said, we have quite a bit to ask of you.
Our hope is you will consider our words carefully...

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stupid spammers

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Evildoers make life so inconvenient, don't they? First we had to take off our shoes. Then we had to start producing IDs to buy the good over-the-counter decongestant.

And now it's the comments policy. Pansy and I are sick of those dirty parasitic spammers, so until we can make other arrangements I'm going to have to turn the filter up to 11, which is going to cause a lot of comments to be held until we can approve them.

So if you comment and it doesn't show up right away, don't fret. It will.


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apologies -- I started messing with the template and realized too late that I shouldn't have. I beg your patience until I can get this back together again.

Note to self

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...blogroll Jen when we update our templates.

Tag! I'm it!

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Four Jobs
1.Sales girl @ Piercing Pagoda in Quakerbridge Mall
2.Acme Supermarket Checker
3.Infant Caregiver at a daycare
4. Cashier at Burlington Coat Factory

Four Movies I Would Watch Over and Over:
4.Knight's Tale

Four Places I Have Lived:
1. Bronx, NY
2. Lawrenceville, NJ
3. Pacific Harbour, Fiji
4. New Orleans, LA

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. CSI
2. House (thank you Peony)
3. Buffy and Angel
4. Any goofy Discovery Channel show about haunted places

Websites I visit daily:
1. My bank account to make sure everything is going the way it should
2. Many of the blogs linked on the side
3. Mothering With Grace

Fav Four Foods
1. Buffalo Wings
2. Cheeseburgers
3. Anything Italian with tomatoes and ricotta
4. Any green, leafy veggie (broccoli rabe, collards, spinach)

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
1. Bed
2. A beach
3. Heaven
4. In bed

Four People I Am Tagging:
1. Peony
2. Coucoumelle
3. Erik
4. I am going to stop because I have a list...

Under construction

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yes, I'm messing with the template again. Question -- I'm using the out-of-the-box "Squash" and "Sakura" stylesheets from Moveable Type. The background color is supposed to be visible as stripes down the side of the page, but I can't see it in Firefox or IE6. Any suggestions?

two sleepy mommies (you found us!)
assumption novena (thanks for the reminder: TODAY would be a good day to start)
ccli optivite prenatal vitamins ( -- it's on the sidebar.)
info on nick cannon's family (maybe you should just let them have their privacy)
2 sleepy mommies (you found us)
acidolphilis (looks like we're not the only ones who need to learn to spell acidophilus)
authentic arroz con gandules recipe (glad we could help)
boiling boneless chicken (I like it poached myself)
celestial sun glidden (Peony's kitchen: beacon of style)
christ be our light song lyrics (my parish has moved on to flog a new song to death)
creative memories magazine (It's excellent. I've got the scoop. Email me for details)
daycare syndrome (I think I'll leave that one alone)
dear mr.jesus song video on vh-1 (That was not something to love about the '80's)
episode where steve urkel gets folded up in bed (there must be some fan site out there. Oh, did you see when it happened on St Elsewhere?)
ewtn novena to honor our lady's assumption (
flylady daily emails (sign up on )
fugit hora (Alas, alas, how it does, particularly when surfing the Internet)

new email for the Mommies

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twosleepymommies at gmail dot com

linked on the left as well

thanks :)

Attention commenters

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We would really appreciate it if you left a useable email address. Twice now this week I've wanted to directly contact commenters off-blog (only for nice things!) and have been unable.

If you want to avoid spammers, consider formatting your email address something like:

Just make it clear which part you want us to take out!


This seems appropriate

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Can someone explain this to us?

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We're listed on BlogShares!

What does this mean? Thanks to those who felt that TSM stock was worth enough to bring to market.

Our blogroll....

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is just a darn mess. I'm sorry. It just is. I just love sorting and categories and learning definitions and technical names and things like that. One of my favorite parts of my zoology class was taxonomy. I wanted to reorganize it under subheadings, but that's a task that would just play to my tendencies to overcomplicate things. I caught myself wondering how I could pull off presenting a blogroll using Venn diagrams and then I realized I needed to get a grip.

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