I Just Gotta Get It Out of My System!

And whining every few hours in the Facebook status block is not enough. The other night I was gagging through doing dishes. It was after supper, which always means I am sicker than before I ate. I break out into sweats, the fatigue worsens, and the nausea just doubles. So here I am expending every… Continue reading I Just Gotta Get It Out of My System!

Who’d Thunk?

News flash: having the Olympics in Beijing really is turning out to be a bad idea. First there is the fact that they are um, Communist, then there’s that disgusting One Child Policy complete with forced abortions, their disproportionate capital punishment rates, they eat cats and dogs. And guess what? They hate black people too.… Continue reading Who’d Thunk?

Can Anyone Offer 1st Trimester Advice?

You know it’s funny, 15 years ago, after I had my first, I would have considered myself the go-to person for advice. I loved going to Mom’s groups and talking shop, being able to share my tidbits of information that I have learned with other new Moms in exchange for their pieces of knowledge describing… Continue reading Can Anyone Offer 1st Trimester Advice?

Anyone heard this?

I know these are rumors that may or may not have truth. People talk about what’s on their minds, and everything is like the game of telephone. Who knows? But the latest buzz is milk is going up to $5 a gallon (but of course this is from my family in the Westchester/NYC area, so… Continue reading Anyone heard this?

Is This Offer-Upable?

I woke up this morning and my first thought was “oh gosh, it’s Monday! No, make it stop.” And you know what? I still feel like that. I just don’t have the chutzpah to do the Mondaying today. For about 6 weeks I have been doing Weigh Watchers in earnest. I have been working out… Continue reading Is This Offer-Upable?

From My Brother

Iraq is improving as we speak. Here is an example from being in Marine Corp and talking to people who have been there: When we were there in 2003 the first time for OIF (operation Iraqi Freedom), we built tents and had nothing over there. Now we have built bases with almost everything we need.… Continue reading From My Brother