Peony's seven quick takes

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1. I never know how to get started on my list of Seven Quick Takes.

2. After I finish my Seven Quick Takes, I am going to bake cupcakes using a Wacky Cake recipe. I've been asked to make a birthday cake for a little girl whose baby sister is allergic to eggs, so I'm going to try out the recipe today and have the kids and grownups test them out when Hambet and I go off to a play date later today.

3. I reorganized the books yesterday -- something I've been wanting to do since around June 2006 -- and dedicated a shelf to the books I haven't read yet. I also discovered that we have three world atlases. How did this happen?

4. For Lent this year I tried to give up recreational use of the Internet (with the exception of Facebook and JUST A COUPLE of blogs.) The exceptions kept growing and then about halfway through Lent I was ranting about the Notre Dame situation on IM to a friend, who said, "you should put this on your blog!"

That stopped me in my tracks -- I'd never told her about my Sekrit Identity -- so I tried to be clever and asked, "Now, what makes you think I have a blog?"

"Oh, I thought you did; everyone else has one. Well, you should start one!"

5. I started reading The Hobbit to Hambet the other night. He LOVES it.

6. I like the artwork on Jen's copy of Prayer Primer much better than the artwork on my copy.

7. My rhubarb is starting to come up. Maybe I'll actually be able to harvest some this year!

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