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Once I thought four years was a long time. We've kept this blog on the air (more or less) for eight years now and it seems like nothing. When did this happen?

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Pansy's little Septimus is two years old now, and Hambet hits double digits in a couple of weeks. Again: Where is the time going?


Is there any doggy problem that can't be solved with a Kong? Frozen banana is my new go-to Kong stuffing.


Simcha Fisher is made of awesome.




More Simcha Fisher awesomeness: 'In case you are not familiar with the Double X Blog, it’s from the liberal but contrarian Slate magazine, and has the montrsously inaccurate tagline, “What women really think.” This is kind of like a bag of salt having the tagline, “What slugs really want.” '


Plug: Kathy's newish devotional blog Praying the Way

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